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Zentrum | Certification-Russia is an English-speaking Certification Agency in Russia.

A team of people passionate about International and Russian relations at your service

Our team is composed, for the most part, of European individuals who have been settled in Moscow for several years, bilingual in Russian and always ready to share their knowledge and passion for Russia and this market of more than 185 million inhabitants.

A diverse multicultural and multilingual team, ready to take on your specific needs and help accomplish your goals.

In addition to English, we speak fluent French, Russian, Spanish, German and Romanian. We bring together all language skills to communicate and facilitate exchanges with your teams in this diverse market.

Total expertise in the field of certificate registration

At Zentrum | Certification-Russia, we all have one thing in common which guides us and guides the quality of our work: a keen knowledge of the Russian administration and the rules of its bureaucracy, especially as regards legal documentation for foreign companies.

We keep ourselves constantly up to date with all the frequently changing legal developments which are so common in this field. This way we can always deliver a council perfectly adept to the requirements of each situation for our customers.

Finally, we live in Russia and are able to be fully responsive and take the lead if needed, without you having to move. We are in direct contact with the Russian customs and administrative authorities, which allows us to act immediately with them to manage any unforseeable events, for example in blocked goods import processes.

An "all inclusive" service for the passage of your cosmetics, food, toys, textiles, electrical, medical, industrial equipment, etc. at customs

We offer turnkey solutions for obtaining EAC-TRCU certificates, GOST, Measurement Pattern Approval (Metrology), Fire Safety Certificate, Medical Recordings, etc.

What’s the purpose of a certificate?

  • To establish and justify the conformity of your products to local rules,
  • Provide a right of way to the competent customs authorities,
  • Authorize the Russian & EAC marketing of your certified products

Our 360 ° service also includes:

  • Translation / Translation verification of technical documents
  • Provision of a local registrant
  • Annual management and maintenance of certificates

We offer complete service to deal with all situations

We also offer custom solutions for exceptional circumstances which may require specific authorizations.

Examples of benefits we offer:

  • Customs clearance for products blocked in customs
  • Issuance of permits for salon products
  • Cover letter for sending samples
  • Temporary product loan for a trial before purchase

→ Do you have a question about a situation not listed here?

Don’t hesitate to let us know by contacting us by email or directly by phone! We will examine your project and get back to you as soon as possible.

What our clients say about us

"Serious", "Rigorous", "Reactive" are key words in the field of Certification, and they are also the words used by our customers to describe our team!

We are also recognized for our expertise, our quality of advice and the irreproachable rendering of our work.

You too can contact us right away and we will provide you with all the information you need to make sure you receive the proper certification for your products and provide you with an estimate of the costs!

Zentrum | Certification-Russia (ООО Зентрум)
Carré France (French Square)
10/1 Milyutinskiy pereulok, 101000 Moscow
Zentrum | Certification-Russia, company of Sercons Group, is an International Certification Agency in Russia referred as the local premier French agency for obtaining such certificates as EAC-TRCU, GOST, Measurement Pattern Approval (Metrology), Fire Safety Certificate, Medical Recordings, etc.